Who benefits from the property you own in the Philippines?


06-24-2005, 06:44 PM

Who Benefits from the Property You Own in the Philippines?

:eek: Abusive tenants, squatters? Maybe no one, perhaps not even you! These are some questions raised by Filipinos working abroad, based from experience and happens in real life. :confused: How do we avoid it, is basically the question. My concern :slight_smile: is to help Filipinos who have settled and taken roots in their new adopted country, or are temporarily working abroad – whether you already have a property back in the Philippines and you want to sell it or buy a house of your own. Or simply verify your property if it is still listed in your name. Consider visiting this website :cool: www.philuscan.com (http://www.philuscan.com/) and check out the services we offer. It was worth the load, . Email me at dzeniv@yahoo.com (dzeniv@yahoo.com) or jvillavicencio@philu scan.com (jvillavicencio@philuscan.com) for other inquiries. Ask us how to make it work for you, the rightful owner.

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