Yukata & new autumn/winter wear for toddler


10-28-2005, 02:16 AM

I bought a Yukata 4 months ago and did not use it.
Dark Blue/Purple Floral Design XL/Tall Size with OBI.
Paid 22,000 yens for it, would like 10,000 plus shipping.

Toddler Wear
The following are my daughters autumn, winter wear. We
are going out of the country next month and will not come
back till winter is over, so we dont really need them anymore …
All are new, never worn unless otherwise stated.

XXS Size Benetton Knit Sweaters (this is equivalent to size
100-105 Japanese Standard) Bought only this month in India.
Without Tags (I removed them!)
Pull Over Knit Pink Color: 1000 yens
Pull Over Knit Red Color : 1000 yens
Front Zip Knit Orange Color : 1500 yens (worn once inside the plane)

110 Size Coat Bought from Nissen. New Tag still intact. (Pink)
http://www.nissen.co.jp/src/direct_sho/index_s.jsp?head=%2F head&main=%2Fc_item%2F200 5fal%2Fsho_item%2F05 10%2F0510_61206
Selling for 2500 yens plus shipping.

18 Size Princess Rain Shoes (New, still in box) (Pink)
Selling for 1000 yens plus shipping.

If you wish to see picture, please PM me.
Lynn Kaushik

P.S. The free pink bicycle is on again. This is new, is never used. Was a gift to my daughter
on her 3rd birthday. Any takers? Preferrably pickup as Shipping is very costly. There is no box.

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