Fake Fur フェイクファー by Spitz

Fake Fur CD inside the slipcase.

This is not so much a music review as a photographic record of the physical album itself.

I’m a fan of Spitz. For a long time, the only album I had of Japanese pop/rock is their Hachimitsu. I have since acquired many of their albums and listen to them more than any other Japanese musician.

Released more than 25 years ago in 1998, this CD which I have had for some months now, I only managed to listen for the first time yesterday. But I’ve known a few of the songs from compilation albums.

If you want to have a listen to the singles in this album, Youtube has a few:

Here is the CD without the slipcase. My copy which I bought secondhand looks like the original first edition, as it has the slipcase and the milky white case.

Vocalist and rhythm guitarist Kusano wrote by hand all the words in the booklet and even on the disk itself. Below, we can see erasures in two parts on the disk itself.

The slipcase and album cover feature model Erika Tajima.

One of the reasons to listen to Japanese popular music is to learn Nihongo in the process. Almost without exception, Japanese music CDs include the lyrics of the songs in the booklet.

Inside the booklet, the handwritten lyrics are superimposed on photos.

The compact disk, CD cover, booklet and slipcase.

I like listening to music while looking at the album art and flipping through the booklet and reading the words, something I can’t do on Youtube.

The back of the slipcase with the same handwritten list of songs and other details. Brand new, the CD cost 3,059 yen; I got it for about 300 from Mercari.