Listening to Spitz's Hachimitsu on a Saturday morning

For me, Spitz’s Hachimitsu album is Japanese pop. I don’t know any other.

I had mentioned Spitz once when my friend Marc and I were talking about Japanese pop and he said, have you listened to Hachimitsu? So I got one.

I’ve had this album since the 1990s and have listened to it countless times. And if I recall correctly, this is the only J-pop album that I have ever owned.

The first Hachimitsu CD I had was lost when I moved all my music to digital, but I bought a new one when I decided I really wanted my music on compact discs, not mp3s.

So to break the monotony of jazz and classical music, whenever I want to listen to pop music–Japanese pop music–I put Hachimitsu on. The music takes me to a simpler, more carefree time.