Filipinos in Gunma Prefecture, Japan

Filipinos in Gunma Prefecture have a registered population of 8,419 individuals as of 2022, the 10th largest group of Filipinos in Japan by prefecture, ahead of Hiroshima and behind Osaka.[1]

Major cities

The majority of Gunma Prefecture’s population of Filipinos are concentrated in the cities of Isesaki and Ōta, at its border with Saitama Prefecture.

Isesaki has 1,855 Filipino residents, while Ōta has 1,650. Other cities with a sizable population of Filipinos are Maebashi (1,071), Takasaki (937) and Kiryū (423).[1:1]

Cities of Gunma Prefecture with sizable Filipino population.[1:2][2] Darker color indicates higher population.

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Gunma Prefecture

Gunma Prefecture (群馬県, Gunma-ken) is a landlocked prefecture of Japan located in the Kantō region of Honshu. It has a population of 1,937,626 (1 October 2019) and has a geographic area of 6,362 km2. Gunma Prefecture borders Niigata Prefecture and Fukushima Prefecture to the north, Nagano Prefecture to the southwest, Saitama Prefecture to the south, and Tochigi Prefecture to the east.[3]

Maebashi is the capital and Takasaki is the largest city of Gunma Prefecture, with other major cities including Ōta, Isesaki, and Kiryū.[3:1]

Gunma Prefecture’s industries include transport equipment and electrical equipment. It produces over 90% of Japan’s konnyaku, and two-thirds of the farms in the village of Tsumagoi are cabbage farms. Also, the city of Ōta is famous for the car industry, notably the Subaru factory.[3:2]

Map of Japan with Gunma Prefecture in red.[4]

Population by city, town and village

Filipinos are found in all cities, towns and villages of Gunma Prefecture, except for the village of Nanmoku, reportedly the grayest village in Japan, with a median age of 68.5.

City or town 2022 2021
All 8419 7890
Isesaki 1855 1727
Ōta 1650 1578
Maebashi 1071 993
Takasaki 937 897
Kiryū 423 417
Tamamura Town 421 410
Tatebayashi 338 325
Ōizumi Town 312 278
Shibukawa 239 235
Midori 197 179
Annaka 142 121
Fujioka 109 97
Tomioka 108 85
Numata 84 76
Nakanojō Town 62 59
Ōra Town 59 55
Chiyoda Town 57 32
Higashiagatsuma Town 56 56
Shōwa Village 51 38
Itakura Town 34 37
Yoshioka Town 31 33
Meiwa Town 31 31
Minakami Town 28 26
Kusatsu Town 27 24
Naganohara Town 24 22
Kanra Town 21 17
Shintō Village 18 16
Tsumagoi Village 14 8
Shimonita Town 7 7
Katashina Village 5 4
Kanna Town 4 2
Ueno Village 2 2
Takayama Village 1 2
Kawaba Village 1 1
Nanmoku Village 0 0

Historical population

The size and growth of Gunma Prefecture’s Filipino population is similar to its neighbor Tochigi Prefecture, the two prefectures being part of the same Kanto Area, and almost equidistant from Tokyo.

Population of Filipinos in Gunma Prefecture and Tokyo from 1984 up to present.[5][6]

People, news and events

A Filipino man, 24, is arrested in Kiryū City for driving without a license.[7] (March 2024)

Filipino-Japanese Aiko (19), who works in an auto parts factory in Gunma Prefecture, hopes to acquire Japanese citizenship before she turns 20. She was also able to trace the whereabouts of her father whom she last saw when she was 10 years old in the Philippines and meet him in person.[8] (January 2024)


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