Japan OFW: FAQ regarding compulsory insurance for migrant workers

A number of frequently asked questions regarding the compulsory insurance for migrant workers in Japan.

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1. What is the OFW compulsory insurance and why do I need one?

All Filipino migrant workers in Japan are required to have the OFW compulsory insurance that provides compensation and covers repatriation in case of death or disability, among other benefits.[1]

If you are a technical intern trainee, your employer/agency should already have provided this. For others, you may have to purchase it yourself if your employer cannot do it for you.

2. I already have shakai hoken/national health insurance. Do I still need the separate OFW insurance?

Yes. The shakai hoken/national health insurance covers medical expenses and is provided by your employer/government in Japan. The OFW insurance’s coverage is entirely different and is provided by a private insurance company accredited by the DMW.

3. What insurance companies are accredited by the DMW?

Please see the DMW Advisory No.3 Series of 2022.

If you are purchasing on your own, Paramount Life has a user-friendly website where you can apply directly.

4. How long is the coverage that my employer/I should purchase?

The coverage should be the same as your contract period. If your contract is 12 months, purchase an insurance that covers 12 months.


  1. For details, refer to: OFW-Japan: Coverage and benefits of OFW compulsory insurance for migrant workers. ↩︎