List of OFW compulsory insurance providers accredited by DMW (POEA)

All Filipino migrant workers are required to have the OFW compulsory insurance with enhanced coverage provided by accredited insurance companies in the Philippines.

If you are doing the contract verification from either the Migrant Worker Office (MWO) in Tokyo or Osaka, you need to apply for this compulsory insurance yourself.

Below is a list of accredited insurance providers as outlined in the DMW Advisory No.3 Series of 2022.

The public is hereby advised that the following insurance providers have already been accredited by the Insurance Commission to provide enhanced insurance coverage,

Links and comments have been added. If you’re in a hurry, you don’t need to choose, just go with Paramount.

  1. Paramount Life and General Insurance
    You can input your details and submit the application directly from their website. Probably the most user-friendly.

  2. Fortune General Insurance Corporation
    You have to fill up a form to request a quote. Not very user-friendly.

  3. Pioneer Insurance and Surety Corporation
    Website gives errors. Not usable at all.

  4. MAPFRE Insular Insurance Corporation
    Cannot find OFW insurance in their website. Avoid.

  5. UCPB General Insurance Company Inc.
    Cannot find website. Search for UCPB General Insurance Company returns Cocogen Insurance. Avoid like the plague.

  6. Stronghold Insurance
    You have to fill up a form to request a quote. Not very user-friendly.

  7. Philippine British Assurance Company Inc.
    You have to fill up a form to “get in touch.” No.