MWO-Osaka: Download forms for contract verification

All the forms needed for contract verification through the Migrant Workers Office in Osaka can be downloaded from this page. All files are in PDF format.

:philippines: MWO-Osaka serves the following prefectures of western Japan.

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Region Prefectures
Chūbu Hyōgo, Kyōto, Mie, Nara, Ōsaka, Shiga and Wakayama
Chūgoku Hiroshima, Okayama, Shimane, Tottori and Yamaguchi
Shikoku Tokushima, Kagawa, Ehime and Kōchi
Kyūshū Fukuoka, Kagoshima, Kumamoto, Miyazaki, Nagasaki, Ōita and Saga
Okinawa Okinawa

For prefectures of eastern Japan, please see the MWO-Tokyo download page.

Specified Skilled Worker

  • PDF Annex-B: Employment Contract (1st page)
  • PDF Annex-B: Written Employment Conditions/Payment of Wages
  • PDF Annex-C: Manpower Request
  • PDF Annex-C1: Salary Scheme Breakdown
  • PDF Annex-C2: List of Tasks and Additional Qualifications
  • PDF Annex-D: Company Profile
  • PDF Annex-D1: List of Filipinos Hired by the Company
  • PDF Annex-E: Application Form (Initial/Renewal)
  • PDF Annex-F: Application Form (Additional Job Order)
  • PDF Annex-G: List of Clients (Dispatch Company)
  • PDF Annex-H: Authorization Letter

Technical Intern Training Program

  • PDF Technical Intern Training Offer TITP Form No. 2018-01
  • PDF OTIT Reference Form 1-14
  • PDF Certification TITP Form No. 2018-01a
  • PDF Certification TITP Care Worker Form No. 2018-01a
  • PDF Additional Technical Intern Office Form No. 2018-03
  • PDF Addendum to Employment Contract TITP Form No. 2018-02
  • PDF Addendum to Employment Contract for TITP Care Worker

Professional/Skilled Worker (Agency-hired)

  • PDF Application Form
  • PDF Standard Employment Contract
  • PDF Standard Employment Contract (FRA/Dispatch Company)
  • PDF Manpower Request
  • PDF List of Actual Duties and Qualifications (Annex-A)
  • PDF Salary Breakdown (Annex-B)
  • PDF Company Profile

Professional/Skilled Worker (Direct Hire)

  • PDF Application for Exemption on the Ban on Direct-Hire
  • PDF Standard Employment Contract
  • PDF Salary Breakdown
  • PDF List of Actual Duties and Qualifications
  • PDF Company Profile

Other downloadable forms

  • PDF Affidavit of Assumption of Responsibilities
  • PDF Affidavit of Undertaking (dual accreditation)
  • PDF Declaration of Intent to be an OWWA Member Form
  • PDF Deployment List Format
  • PDF Joint Affidavit of Undertaking (additional RA provision)
  • PDF OWWA Information Sheet
  • PDF Recruitment Agreement
  • PDF Termination of Recruitment Agreement