Philippine Embassy in Tokyo: Renunciation of Philippine citizenship

Renunciation of Philippine citizenship Philippine Embassy Tokyo

If you have acquired Japanese (or any other) citizenship, you may renounce your Philippine citizenship through the following procedure.

This may only be done by Filipinos of legal age (18 years old and above).

If you live in one of the prefectures of Hokkaidō, Tōhoku and Kantō in eastern Japan, you may do this procedure at the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo.

Region Prefectures
Hokkaidō Hokkaidō
Tōhoku Akita, Aomori, Fukushima, Iwate, Miyagi and Yamagata
Kantō Gunma, Tochigi, Ibaraki, Saitama, Chiba and Kanagawa

For other regions and prefectures, visit the Philippine Consulate in Nagoya or the Philippine Consulate in Osaka.

For other consular procedures, visit The Philippine Embassy in Japan (Tokyo) Consular Services Guide.

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  1. Online appointment with the Consular Section Online Booking System.
  2. Affidavit of Renunciation of Philippine Citizenship (form to be provided by the Embassy)
  3. Philippine passport (to be surrendered to the DFA in the Philippines)
  4. Birth Certificate issued by Philippine Statistics Agency
  5. Copy of Family Register (戸籍謄本 Koseki Tōhon) with record of naturalization for Japanese/selection of citizenship for Japanese (or other documents proving acquisition of foreign citizenship like Certificate of Naturalization (帰化証明書 Kika Shōmeisho)
  6. Japanese passport or Japanese driver’s license or My Number card (or other identification document issued by the Japanese government after naturalization or selection of citizenship)
  7. English translation of all Japanese documents above
  8. For those who have retained/reacquired Philippine citizenship (dual citizens) under RA9225, submit Identification Certificate, Oath of Allegiance and Order of Approval (originals for cancellation)
  9. One (1) self-addressed ¥520 Letterpack Plus envelope, if preferred release is through mail.


  1. Bring the original and five (5) photocopies in A4 size paper of all documents required.
  2. Additional documents may be required based on the documents presented and special circumstances of the applicant.


  1. Book an online appointment with the Consular Section Online Booking System.
  2. On the day of the appointment, submit documentary requirements for assessment at Window 8.
  3. Fill out and sign the Affidavit of Renunciation of Philippine Citizenship.
  4. Decide on mode of processing and release of documents:
    A. Regular or expedited processing
    B. Pick-up or by mail
  5. Receive 2 transaction slips (1 to be presented to the Cashier; 1 is applicant’s personal copy with the Letterpack Plus’ tracking number if release is by mail)
  6. Pay the notarization fee at the cashier.
    • ¥3,500 per document for regular processing (document is released after 3 working days from date of application)
    • Additional + ¥1,400 per document for expedite processing (document is released on the next working day from date of application)
  7. Receive official receipt from the Cashier.

Release of notarized Affidavit of Renunciation of Philippine Citizenship

  1. For pick-up, the applicant’s copy will be released on the date and time indicated in the transaction slip.
  2. For release by mail, the letter pack (containing the applicant’s copy) will be released on the date indicated in the transaction slip. Status of the letter pack may be traced through Japan Post’s website by entering the tracking number indicated in the sticker affixed to the transaction slip.

The applicant will be provided one (1) set of the notarized affidavit and supporting documents which will serve as the applicant’s copy.

Three (3) sets of the documents will be forwarded to the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Philippine Statistics Authority, and the Bureau of Immigration. Another set will be retained at the Embassy for records purposes.

Questions regarding this procedure may be sent to the Embassy’s Notarial unit at

A copy of Affidavit of Renunciation of Philippine Citizenship for reference

Affidavit of Renunciation of Philippine Citizenship

Reference: Renunciation of Philippine Citizenship LINK