Totoro and friends at the school Fall Festival

I’ve just got back from school for their “Fall Festival,” where students wore costumes and entertained visitors with games and various learning activities. Here are some photos of a Totoro-themed preschool presentation that I found irresistibly cute.

The appeal of Ghibli Studio in Japan (and even abroad, I assume) seems undiminished, as demostrated by the recent popular opening of the first theme park in Aichi Prefecture based on its films.

Large, Medium and Small Totoro: These guardians of the forest are supposedly very ancient: Gray Totoro is 1,302 years old, Blue Totoro is 679 and even White Totoro is 109.

Inarimae (稲荷前) is the name of the stop, and Nanakuniyama (七国山), where Mei-chan’s mother is in the hospital, is the destination. The time-table is a nice addition.

Totoro and Susuwatari masks: Mei-chan’s corn is carved “For Mother” (おかあさんへ).

The Catbus: Is that supposed to be “SIT” or “TIS”?

Mei-chan was picking up acorns when she encountered the Totoro, so it’s nice that this acorn is designed as a Micro Totoro.

The Susuwatari or Makkuro Kurosuke, inhabits abandoned houses. They go away when new occupants move in.

A totoro papier-mâché. This looks like a Totoro that would live in the northern Arctic woods.